Finding the Right Keywords

 #2 Knowing what your ideal visitor actually types into Google to find what you offer is extremely valuable information.

Setting Goals w/ Long-Tail Keywords

 #3 Long-Tail keywords are 2 or more words that a typical person will use when searching for your product or service. If you sell rose fungicide, try using “what is the white powder on my roses”

Crafting Title & H1 Tags

 #4 The single biggest keyword location you need to focus on is the title tag. This is what shows up on the taskbar for your browser window and on the tab with your site open. Use the most relevant keyword for that particular page, and try to have a different, relevant keyword for every individual page on your site. Use your primary keyword for your home page.

Refining Meta Data (Descriptions)

#5  Customer feedback is the most important metric of ROI. But short of enraged callers, customer feedback can be hard to come by. It must be sought. Thankfully, there are several venues by which you can glean audience response. Launch a customer focus group, conduct an audience perception survey, or allow comments on your Facebook profile page. Encourage an open-door policy.

Staying Aware of Secondary Tags

#6 H1 tags are the primary headers for each page, and alt tags are the extra text that pops up when you hover your mouse over an image for a second. Search engines watch both of these, and visitors notice headers before anything else, so make them relevant and keyword rich, but not keyword stuffed!

Avoiding Keyword Stuffing

#7 Search engines have refined their algorithms many times over the years, and one thing they now watch for is content that uses particular keywords a little too much. Be careful about using your keywords and keyword phrases more than about 4-5 times per page – including close synonyms! – and you will stay one step ahead of those who have not learned our Top Search Engine Optimization Tips.

Securing Quality Backlinks

 #8 Backlinks are links to your site from elsewhere on the Internet. Search engines see these links and assume that your site must have useful content if people are linking there. The best backlink is a genuine one that someone posts entirely on their own, and the best way to get those is with quality content!

Partnering with Relevant Bloggers

#9 There are enthusiast websites for everything under the sun nowadays, and many of them are well-regarded by search engines and have throngs of readers. Reach out to them genuinely and see if any will look at your product and review it on their blog. This not only draws attention from their audience, but provides quality backlinks, making it one of the Best SEO Tips.

Featuring Customer Feedback

#10 A lot of sites are after genuine testimonials and reviews from their own customers so they can show people how good their own service is. Many will allow you to tuck in a link back to your own site if you write a testimonial for them. Do not try and fake this, though; only write testimonials for sites and products you genuinely use and enjoy.

Leveraging the Copycats

#11 It’s very easy to just lift an image from one site and use it on your own, and unfortunately many do it without fear of real consequences. Use a tool to find sites that have lifted your images and are using it on their site, and rather than threaten them to take it down, get them to link back to your site instead. This unlikely course of action can really swing things in your favor, making it one of the Best Search Engine Optimization Tips to get the edge on your competition.

Staying Aware of Opportunities

 #12 Services like Google Alerts can let you know when anyone on the Internet mentions your site. This is valuable for keeping track of what people think about you, of course, but when a publication takes notice you can also send a timely email asking them to link to you in their coverage. It’s a small thing that improves their own article if they forgot, and helps you get better ranking, making it one of the Best SEO Tips.

Building a Social Media Presence

 #13 Search engines know how much traffic social media governs nowadays, and they watch the popular social sites like a hawk to see what is popular. One of the Top SEO Tips is to create profiles at each of the major sites and try to remain as active as possible, attracting a following in the process. The search engine cares about likes and followers, so you should too. Those followers can turn into new customers, too!

Checking Dangerous or Questionable Backlinks

 #14 Like keyword stuffing, search engines now watch for too many links to too new a site from too many pages that it considers low quality, so while backlinks are important, be careful not to overdo it. If the search engines think you might be trying to game them, they can blacklist your site and push it back to the doldrums of page 10, where not even our Top Search Engine Optimization Tips can dig you out!

Focusing on Content. Content. Content.

 #15 Search engines like things to stay fresh, which means regular updates on websites to show that they are being actively managed. For some sites this can be difficult, since the most relevant information will not change very often. To get around this, consider starting a company blog where you can post about new happenings in the company, new products, or anything else around the office. This can double as the primary source for your social media postings!

Thinking like Your Customers

 #16 You spent so much time working to open your restaurant that you cannot help but think of yourself as a “fast-casual upscale vegan-friendly lunch bistro,” but your customers are much more likely to be checking search engines for “vegetarian restaurant.” Remember what your potential customers will label you as, not what you want to brand yourself as. Not confusing your branding with keywords is one of the Best SEO Tips you can keep in mind.

Using Statistics to Know Where You Stand

 #17 When you have your list of major keywords you want to rank for, set aside some time each month for a status update on each of them. Have you reached the front page for that phrase yet? If not, are you at least seeing positive movement? Even if you used the Best Search Engine Optimization Tips, every site is different and might need different techniques. If any terms are lagging behind, consider tuning future blog posts or other updates around them.

Securing Quality Backlinks

 #18 A great way to please search engines and customers alike is to directly answer questions your visitors are asking. If you sell a gutter cleaning product, try creating pages targeting the question “What’s the best way to clean my gutters?” directly on your site. The customer knows that they have found exactly what they wanted and the search engines are thrilled to direct them there, and making both groups happy is what makes this one of the Top SEO Tips you can use.

 Awareness of Conversion Optimization

 #19 All of the major search engines offer tools to show you exactly who is finding your site using what keywords, and how well traffic from different keywords converts. Use these tools to focus on ranking for keywords that get you the most traffic and convert the best rather than wasting time with lesser options.

Leveraging Social Engineering (Business Listings)

 #20 Sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and UrbanSpoon are popular destinations to find reviews for businesses, especially locally. Creating listings at all the major sites and tying them back to your main website provides valuable backlinks and gives the search engines valuable information about what you are about and who might be looking for you, improving your standing.

Encouraging Customer Reviews

 #21 As important as having listings is, having reviews at them is even better. A big problem with getting reviews for smaller businesses is that people tend to only think about leaving a review when they had a bad experience. Try and remind your customers that reviews are extra appreciated any way you can, and your search engine position will thank you for it. This is one of the more difficult of our Top Search Engine Optimization Tips to enact, but the rewards if you can are huge.

Striving for Cross-Platform Compatibility

 #22 A staggering amount of web traffic is on mobile these days, a fact the search engines know well. It is a best practice to have your site automatically detect whether the user is visiting on a mobile device and change the layout to be mobile-friendly when they are. Search engines will give you a bit of extra juice for having this set up all the time, but they also place you even higher on searches done from mobile devices and let the searcher know that your site is engineered for their mobile device. Especially in smaller markets, this is a fantastic way to stand out that does not take a tremendous amount of effort.

Tracking Your Competition

 #23 You made your SEO plan a while ago and have been tuning and making progress, but do you know what your closest competitors are doing? Examine their sites closely and check for their rankings on particular keywords. If they are aggressively targeting just a couple specific phrases, consider switching your focus to non-competing keywords. You may find it far easier to rank for them, and even if they do not have as much traffic, a high percentage of a smaller number might still translate to a lot more visitors for you.

Being Wary of Frames & Flash

#24 You may really like the look of having your menu in an iframe and your site intro as a fancy Flash piece, but remember that search engines are not able to read anything from Flash, and see your framed window as a separate page almost completely devoid of content. We recommend avoiding both of these elements if you want to rank highly.

Staying Ahead

 #25 Search engine optimization is changing all the time. The search engines themselves might tweak their algorithms to favor one technique or another. New sites will crop up to compete for the same keywords phrases. New keyword phrases that did not receive any searches before might become the biggest search in your area. Maintaining ranking is generally much easier than attaining it in the first place, but if you rest on your laurels you could find yourself back on page 4 with no visitors before you know it.